The Glass House

设计方:AR Design Studio




总建筑师:Andy Ramus, Mikepeehole Ford, Stephen Osborn


图片来源:Martin Gardner


摄影师:Martin Gardner

这是由AR工谷贡影院作室设计的英国玻璃房子。该项目是将一个原始的佣人居住过的大的Manor House(庄园房)转换成一个玻璃房子,俯瞰周围的绿地。房子主人对玻璃的热爱更见坚信文华街三号院了他们要改造一个简单美丽的玻璃楼梯雕塑,并在房子的后方扩展出一个现代的玻璃房,这个玻璃房呈现C字形史依弘又结婚了,向花园敞开。


译者: 蝈蝈

The project was to convert the original servants’ quarters of the large Manor House that overlooked the surrounding grasslands. The owner’s love of glass fuelled their brief to construct a beautifullykk世界说 simple sculptural glass staircase and a contemporary glass extension, situated at the rear of the pr数码宝贝linkzoperty in the space created by the ‘C’ shape of the building, which would open itself up to the garden.

The couple approached AR Design Studio Chartered Architects because of their experience in dealing with glass architecture龙珊珊 and th李郁瞳e重生之篮球战场指挥家ir interest in how this material can be used to cre草字头加倍ate seamless relationships between i内火旺怎么调理nside andmdc第二论坛 outside space, between the man-made 武器决胜点全集and nature.This extremely light and spacious frameless glass extensio莒县天气,鲁滨孙漂流记,塌鼻子n houses the open-plan kitchen, living and dining areas. As the delicate structure reaches over to form the walls and roof of the 老婆提出换个人插试试extension, it creates a flexible inside/outside space allowing s郭松龄暴尸照unlight to flood through the home and filter down gradually, creating beautiful shards of light and shadow.